Testimonials - Positive Feedback From Caffe Di Artisan Fans

Staggering love and positive feedback from Caffè di Artisan fans across the world!

Since Caffè di Artisan was launched, we have been humbled by the enormous wave of positive feedback received from coffee drinkers, connoisseurs, aficionados‎, and from normal folks who love and know their coffee. What has been particularly heartening is the fact that coffee drinkers from pretty much across all continents have expressed their love for our coffee. That's what makes our day. Day after Day.

Customer Raves

"Your coffee is amazing!!! I Enjoyed n shared with my colleagues in office and everybody is impressed with taste" - Swami

"So nice!!!! Thank u so much. We love your coffee!!!!!" - TRACI M.

“Caffè di Artisan is so convenient and easy to make a good coffee in no time. I really like it!” - HELGA F., Dubai

“The coffee is amazing and I’m actually surprised by the taste. Very easy to make and the varieties are very good. I’ve actually shared 2 pods with a colleague of mine who is a regular coffee drinker and she loved it!” - NEELOFER S, Food Blogger (Read Full Report)

“Thank you!! We really liked the coffee” - USHA M., Dubai

"Thank you for the wonderful coffee... Received my order and tried it out, it's really amazing. And thank you for these tips and extra info" - NIDHI J., Dubai

“Excellent & Innovative. Great taste, great flavor” - RODNEY G., Dubai

"This coffee is just amazing...rich, smooth, great taste"- NOOR H.- Blogger (Read Full Report)

“Actually it's good” – Darrell G., Food Blogger

“Hi, The Colombian coffee is the best I have ever drunk” – Bassam, Dubai

“I couldn’t believe that I had tasted a cup of coffee that I actually wanted to drink more of. I am stood in the kitchen in absolute disbelief that something so simple could taste so good.  So good in fact that I immediately contacted the Brand Manager for Caffè di Artisan to congratulate them. Gone are the days of expensive coffee machines, Caffè di Artisan will change the way we all drink coffee forever.  It will also change how many local cafes serve their coffee too, which should mean it won’t be long before we will be enjoying fresh (yes each pod is made to order before being delivered to your door) coffee at an affordable price. The cost of ten pods varies between 20 – 30 AED.
Congratulations Caffè di Artisan on your launch in the UAE, you are going to be a huge success”
                                                                                                                            - DEBBIE S., Food Blogger (Read Full Report)

“I received the box of exquisite luxury single origin coffee freshly extracted, in single shot pods at my doorstep. It is easy peasy to make. Just open the pod, froth it and add the desired amount of hot frothy milk to it, voila! Your coffee is ready.
With Caffè di Artisan, you get zesty, strong, smooth coffee. But never bitter or burnt or over extracted coffee.  
Caffè di Artisan’s coffees have vibrant flavors, good balance, bright acidity and have a long lingering finish due to their artisanal micro-filtery that gently teases out the subtle flavors, sugars and oils from the delicate grounds.  
Now, you can make finest artisanal lattes, cappuccinos, espressos at home without complicated and expensive machines.
I tried their 3 coffee varietals:
•           Raro: The South American Danza
•           Asmara: The African Heritage
•           Vilasita: The Indian Noir
Each of the coffee varietals were deliciously different, my favorite was the African Asmara.”
                                                                                                                         - Meghna, Food Blogger (Read Full Report)

"Thank you. Exquisite coffee! It is now my perfect gift for friends anywhere in the world" - BEVERLEY B., Dubai

“Been having my morning Caffè di Artisan. Liking it!” - CEDRIC S, Dubai

“It’s an awesome coffee shot! We loved it” – ASISH, Dubai

“The coffee is delicious!” - SUDESHNA G., Consulting Editor/Blogger

“Hi there, I am enjoying your coffee. So delicious, easy to prepare and taste. Thank you” – ISAM, Abu Dhabi

“Your coffee is just a perfect taste, I am really enjoying my time with your coffee” – MAGHAM, Dubai

“The coffee is quick, easy to prepare and utterly delicious”- DREW S., Dubai

“Recently tried your coffee for the 1st time at our office after the boss got a sample at The F&B Leaders Awards do. Top stuff!” – Digital SPS, Dubai

"It's really nice coffee" – SABIR, Dubai

“Thnx. All my family they like it so much” – REHAB, Dubai

“Boss your coffee pods were very good, enjoyed it at home, making it” – MOHAMMED A, Dubai    

“Your coffee pods are very convenient and easy to prepare, just a little froth and the taste is very good for our customers” - JANET, Cafe Owner, Dubai Marina

“Your coffee is really amazing and very easy to prepare and actually my colleagues at work like it so much” – AMINA M, Dubai

“This is some gooooood coffee! I love it. It's very, Very nice And easy to make too” ??– FEROZ K, Dubai

“Just tried the coffee now. It's very good Smooth in taste. Easy to make.  So far love it’ – GAGANJEET S, Dubai

“Hello, It's perfect coffee ever, I love it because  of that I order it again & all my family likes it a lot. For sure I will not stop ordering it. Thanks a lot” – HALA A, Dubai

“Coffee is excellent, preparation is quite simple. Very happy with the product.” – RAKESH D'SOUZA, Dubai

“It has been the best coffee I ever had in my life” – AMIT MALHOTRA, Dubai

“The coffee is amazing. We tried the cold coffee and it is really good” – MANMATH, Dubai

“I just love your coffee. It tastes great!” - JOSH H.

“I simply loved the Indian beans varietal! With all that froth as topping, this is the best coffee I’ve ever had!” - Bhagat S, DIFC

“Now that's what I call coffee! Great taste and no complaints. The preparation time of one minute is a breeze. Thank you for thinking about coffee lovers like us who wish to have delicious coffee in the confines of our homes.” - Winstone M, Al Quoz

“Your coffee is simply amazing and the best in town. You’ve turned me into a lifelong customer!” - Aisha, Bur Dubai

“Caffè di Artisan coffee is a joy to drink. I just can’t wait to order the other varietals and try them out.” - Mohini S, DIF

"I am really very happy to have purchased your coffee. I have a great stock of all your flavors which I enjoy every day." - LUDMILA I., Bur Dubai

I just love your Raro coffee which has a wholesome nutty taste exactly like you have described it. I will also be trying your other flavors soon!”- MUB. A, Downtown Dubai

“It’s really a superb coffee. It’s not the traditional way of extracting an espresso or ristretto, but it’s a slow extraction. It has balance, definitely strong aroma and good taste, as well as a very good after effect.” – ANTONIO S, Italy

“Caffè di Artisan is pretty much like Dutch coffee – strong, the way we like it, but not bitter or burnt. It’s very smooth and nice coffee. – STEFAN D, Holland

“Your sign says ‘The Best Coffee in the World’ and I must say it didn't lie. Caffè di Artisan really is the best coffee in the world!” – ALEXSI R, Finland

“Your coffee is great! It’s very smooth and rich. I like the fact that it's very easy to prepare and that I don't need a pod machine. Convenient and delicious, exactly how I like my coffee!” – IOLINE G, Bur Dubai

"I loved the Raro! I believe your coffees are not just for those quick mornings, but could do equally good in a cheesecake or batter." – SARAH SARVATH, Dubai Food Blogger (Read Full Report)

“Caffè di Artisan coffee always leaves a smooth, creamy and velvety mouth feel which is so strong that I can even picturize the region where the Single Origin Arabica beans have been planted!” - NIAZ WAZIR, Saudi Arabia

“I am a coffee addict and I’ve had a lot of coffees in my life, but nothing beats Caffè di Artisan because its strong and smooth, and leaves that beautiful lingering taste of rich coffee in your mouth long after you’ve finished drinking it.” - DAVE COOPER, Canada

“Caffè di Artisan is smooth, fresh, tasty and simply delicious. Its not bitter or burnt like Starbucks and is far far superior. Certainly the best coffee I’ve had in a long time!”ABBEY HIGGINS, Ireland

"Caffè di Artisan coffee is truly amazing! I have become a regular customer." - RAVI, Downtown Dubai

“Caffè di Artisan coffee is just amazing. I had been drinking Nespresso for years, but I have stopped it completely now. The only coffee that compares with your coffee is coffee I have had in a small cafe in Italy, but I think Caffè di Artisan is better. And I know my coffee because I am deeply passionate about it. Please tell your people what a superb job they are doing.” – MARTIN L, JBR, Dubai

“My friends tell me they would rather visit my house to drink the delicious lattes and espressos I serve after my parties than go to a Starbucks café because Caffè di Artisan beats everyone hands down when it comes to taste.” – MANJULA PRIYANATHA, Karama

“I am a coffee snob and after I tried Caffè di Artisan I knew I couldn't drink another brand ever again. The mouth-feel is just incredible.” - DANA WIENBERG, International City

“I was very impressed with how quickly (and correctly) my order got to me. Your service is as good as your coffee!”- CHANDRASEKHAR IYER, Karama

“Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with my first order from Caffè di Artisan! The packaging is gorgeous and your coffee is the smoothest, richest, most flavorful I have had to date.” – DOUGLAS DOUCET, Dubai Marina

“Caffè di Artisan coffee is definitely superior and I have found no single serve coffee that comes even remotely close to your pods.” – ZARTASHA RAFIQUE, Bur Dubai

“Caffè di Artisan is so easy to make and tastes exquisite. It’s just perfect for my ladies parties and my guests continue to be impressed with the amazing lattes and cappuccinos that I quickly serve them each time using your free frother.” - LINDSEY MACKINNON, Dubai Marina

“What I like about best about Caffè di Artisan is that it tastes smooth, rich and velvety, but never burnt like Starbucks or Costa Coffee.” – PHILLIP MARTINEZ, International City

“Whatever you are doing with your coffee, keep doing it. I LOVE your coffee!” – VENU NAYAR, Bur Dubai

“Caffè di Artisan has now become a part of our home as well as office. For so many guests we entertain at home and our company of 100+ employees, I don’t have to depend on a Nespresso machine anymore. Plus, your coffee tastes much better than any machine-made one.” – TIM KEEGAN, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

“Caffè di Artisan is by far the best coffee I've had and has become my favorite coffee ever since I started drinking it.” - KEITH FLANAGAN, Dubai Marina

“After discovering Caffè di Artisan, I said goodbye to my Nespresso machine which has always been complicated to use and hard to clean. With the Frother that came free with my first order, I get better crema and can now easily whip up amazing lattes and cappuccinos in seconds.” ALEXANDER DAUHOG, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

“Your coffee is exceptional, and I wanted to give you a huge pat on the back. Keep up the terrific work!” – SHAHAN ALI KHAN, Dubai Marina

“Caffè di Artisan is always the star attraction at all my ladies parties! I simply use the free Frother that was given with my first order to whip up lip-smacking lattes and espressos which my guests swear tastes better than Nespresso or Starbucks any day.” – GINA TURNER, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

“Caffè di Artisan tastes far, far better than Starbucks any day. It's worth every last sip!” – EMI NAZANIN, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

“I would, without hesitation, recommend Caffè di Artisan not just because the coffee tastes great, but also because it's so easy to drink! I don’t need expensive, complicated machines like Nespresso or Keurig and no longer need to worry about maintenance to get my daily dose of caffeine.” – HUWY JONES, Dubai Marina

“When I drink Caffè di Artisan liquid single shots, I get a luxurious, rich taste that is totally different from the usual coffee that is available in the espresso bars or anywhere else for that matter. Caffè di Artisan tastes divine, to put it simply.” – AJOY RAMANATHAN, Karama

“There is coffee (Nespresso, Starbucks, Costa, whatever) and then there is Caffè di Artisan. What a brilliant product! I have been a coffee connossiuer for 25 years…but this takes coffee drinking to a whole different planet.” – SIMON EVEN, Dubai Marina