Why Caffe Di Artisan - Fine Coffee in 60 Seconds without Machines
The Rebellion against machine-produced bitter, burnt, over-extracted coffee

Caffè di Artisanwas born out of rebellion. An Italian's rebellion. A rebellion against machine-extracted single serve coffees, that make inconsistent, indifferent coffee. A rebellion against over-priced, poor quality, espressos served by the big chains, that completely lack character And a rebellion against burnt, bitter, over-extracted coffee made by machines.

It took me, an Italian, to finally call the bluff on espresso. Was passing super-hot, super high pressure water through coffee grounds, the best way to make great coffee? Was it right to subject the delicate flavors of coffee to such violence and savagery? Or did it actually result in poor quality, over-extracted bitter coffee? The answers were obvious.

About the home and office use single serves, the less said the better. Buy an expensive machine that produces low quality coffee. Add the cleaning, descaling (of ‘the germiest place in the house’), and the repairs, maintenance & breakdowns. Hardly coffee heaven.

Instant Coffee, as anybody who knows coffee will tell you, isn’t really coffee at all. It is a whole lot of wood husk, powdered with some low quality Robusta powder, artificially infused coffee aroma, and then spray dried, killing whatever soul remained in it upto then.Out of this dystopian coffee landscape, was born Caffè di Artisan. It took us, a group of global coffee lovers,years to perfect our process. And what we have as result, coffee that we believe, soothes the soul. Caffè di Artisan has reclaimed our beloved coffee from the tyranny of the machines, belching out sub-standard coffee.

Our Artisanal Micro Filtery Process

 Our process, right from the selection of the water that goes into our coffee, the beans, the roasting, the grinding, and finally, the distillation of divine single-shot liquid coffee, through our micro-filtery, is artisanal. We select only the finest  coffee beans for perfect acidity and flavour, which are then roasted to our specifications by our master coffee roasters

Unlike the poor quality, over-extracted bitter espresso coffee made by passing super-hot, super high pressure water through coffee grounds, you will find that Caffè di Artisan coffee is strong…zesty…has great attitude…but it’s not bitter. This is because of our unique, proprietary micro-filtery process, where we artisanally coax out the last usable drop of coffee elixir from fresh grounds

We don’t let machines do this because there are still some things human beings do better

It’s time to reclaim our beloved coffee from the machines
Caffè di Artisan represents the final frontier in the world of coffee drinking: fine coffee that is artisanally produced, but is packaged and delivered directly to you, in convenient liquid, single shot pods. We promise you this: once you experience Caffè di Artisan, you won’t go back to whatever you were drinking before to get your daily caffeine shot.

Made To Order Coffee - Each liquid single shot pod that comes to you, is Made To Order. . We start our roasting, grinding, filtering only when we receive your order. Since the most prized aromas and flavours in coffee are lost soon after the grinding process if not used within 15 minutes, our customized process ensures that the coffee that reaches you has optimum freshness and maintains the fresh flavour of the ground.

Coffee Myths Busted

Until now, it is likely that you have been getting your regular dose of caffeine from three sources – instant coffee, home single serve coffee (Nespresso, Keurig etc) or espresso coffee at your local café . Whatever your source, you’ll be surprised to find out that you’ve not been actually drinking real coffee, or you are being served coffee made in such a way that it doesn’t taste like what Real Coffee should.

Home Single Serve Coffee Pod Machines

Without getting into intricate science, the problems here are simple: The extraction is usually at a pressure level that under-extracts. And with time, deposits build up in the entire machine piping that keeps degrading the coffee that pours out. What’s even more shocking is that some mjor recent studies have shown (University of Valencia, Spain, 2015, for example), that coffee machines are an absolute favourite hangout for germs....in fact, they have been termed as “The Germiest Place in the House”.

It gets worse: as several independent coffee tests have shown, the coffee powder in the pod is almost always stale....as much as 6-12 months old. This takes away the key to great coffee (or any food for that matter): freshness.

Why would you ever want to drink stale, under-extracted coffee made by an industrial machine, when you can drink luxury, artisanal coffee from Caffè di Artisan, that’s roasted, ground and extracted fresh, to your order? And without any machines. Without any hassles.

Espresso Coffee…Mindless Machine At Work

The beast in the machine - If you thought the espresso served at your local café is a better choice, think again. The mechanical element involved in making espresso coffee creates two problems – over-extraction (passing or ‘espressing’ too much water through the coffee grounds) and using water that is too hot – burning the delicate flavours of the coffee.

Coffee that doesn’t taste like...well, coffee - Allowing the espresso machine to continue passing even slightly more water after the shot of coffee has been extracted draws various bitter compounds that you should not be drinking. Similarly, using water that is too hot reaches too deeply into the coffee grounds and leeches compounds that we don’t want to leech. The fluctuations in extraction and water temperature alter the taste of the coffee and make each cup feel different each time you drink an espresso.

Out of control - There are some other factors at play in making an espresso that are almost impossible to control and get right every time, such as achieving the right grinding levels, maintaining freshness (the most prized aromas in coffee are lost soon after the grinding process if not used within 15 minutes), working out the correct pressure on the machine's pump, and completely removing all the bitter residues left inside the machine after each cup is served. So what you get from your espresso is poor quality, over-extracted bitter coffee, which can taste like lemon peel, rubber, metallic or sour, depending on which one of the above factors has played spoil sport.

Instant Coffee….Is It Really Coffee?

Killing the coffee - Instant coffee is a coffee that has already been made, thanks to its extraction process. Instant coffee is made by subjecting the cheapest Robusta coffee beans available to 370[degrees]F water for up to three hours. This extremely harsh process destroys almost all the flavours and fragrances inherent in even this cheap, less flavoursome coffee. The solution is then either freeze-dried or spray-dried, creating crystals or a powdery substance that you know as instant coffee.

More wood, less coffee - To make up for the coffee’s properties lost due to the manufacturing process, wood husk is mixed with artificially infused coffee aroma. Is it surprising then that instant coffee tastes a little woody and not like real coffee at all?

Cancer health alert - What is downright scary about instant coffee is that it is high in acrylamide, a chemical compound that has been shown to cause cancer in animals and nerve damage, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Instant coffee is made from light roasted beans, which are subject to a roasting temperature of more than 220 Degree Centigrade for a short duration of less than five minutes. Researchers have found higher levels of acrylamide in instant coffee, because the chemical compound forms at high roasting temperature during the first minutes of roasting and then degrades as the roasting process continues. Since instant coffee is roasted only for a short time, the chemical remains in the final product.