Caffé di Artisan was born out of rebellion. An Italian's rebellion.

A rebellion against machine-extracted single serve coffees, that make inconsistent, indifferent coffee.

A rebellion against over-priced, poor quality, espressos served by the big chains, that completely lack character.

And a rebellion against that insult to great coffee, called Instant Coffee.

We promise you this : once you experience Caffé di Artisan,you won’t go back to whatever you were drinking before to get your daily caffeine shot.

La Reserva Range

Raro: The South American‎ Danza
Our South American Single Origin Arabica, sourced from the Colombian highlands, is exactly what its name signifies: Rare.
It is the classic Colombian profile, bringing together a mellow, easy acidity and a strong caramel sweetness, with a nutty undertone.

Pack of 10 pods   X  =   AED  


Asmara: The African Heritage
This Ethiopian Sidamo Single Origin is grown at a height of 4,500ft - 7,200ft in the south eastern part of the state on the border with Kenya.
It is grown in small plot gardens.

Pack of 10 pods   X  =   AED  


Vilasita: The Indian Noir
Indian Single Origin, shade grown, sourced from the highland estates of Coorg. Strong….full bodied, with a strong, velvety feel, specially when made into a latte.
Spicy, buttery with dominant notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, pistachio and cocoa.

Pack of 10 pods   X  =   AED  

Grand Cru Range


Organique:Blend of Organic Frowners (a 200 year old colonial coffee plantation in the Blue Mountains Nilgiris of South India) and Honduran Organic Arabica.

Pack of 10 pods   X  =   AED  


Malabar:The iconic, fabled Monsoon Malabar. Green beans exposed to rain laden winds on pristine beaches, acquire unique notes.

Pack of 10 pods   X  =   AED  


Decaffé: A Colombian Single Origin, shade grown, sourced from the highland estates of Medellin. You will find it unlike any other decaffeinated coffee you have drunk. In fact, you will be hard put to guess this is actually decaffeinated, given how zesty and full of beans it is.

Pack of 10 pods   X  =   AED  

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